ExpressoKleen Kettle & Coffee Machine Descaler

ExpressoKleen Kettle and Coffee Machine Descaler
Hillmark ExpressoKleen is a powerful, yet gentle descaler, which gets the perfect cup, everytime! Kettles, coffee machines and urns quickly become the victims of lime scale and calcium build-up, which not only affects the water quality but how good your drinks taste.

Available: 3 x 40gm sachets


  • Designed to rapidly clean & descale your appliance
  • Quick & easy way to get rid of the nasty build-up in kettles, coffee machines & urns
  • Contains natural citric acid and is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • It is so easy to use because each sachet contains the exact amount you need – no mess, no fuss!

Where this product can be used?

  • Kitchen – Kettles, coffee machines & urns

What materials is this product suitable for?

  • Small electric hot-water appliances

Handy hints

  • Leading manufacturers recommend that kettles, coffee machines & urns be revitalised with ExpressoKleen at least 3 months to keep them running at optimum performance and prolong their life
  • For standard urns, you will need to use 2-3 sachets of ExpressoKleen and for larger urns you will need 3-4 to get the desired results

Safety tips

  • Avoid contact with eyes & skin

What our customers say

"Thankyou so much for my free samples (ScalexPlus & ExpressoKleen). I began my morning by using ExpressoKleen. What an instant result. I boiled my kettle prior to adding the product & was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Whoever creates your products deserves a pay rise. My friends & family will definitely be told about the awesome range you sell." (DB, State Unknown)

"I used a product of yours to clean my kettle and was blown away at how effective and easy it was. And yes word of mouth is great, friends I’ve commented to about cleaning kettles are coming to me for your product details. Very happy thank you." (DS, VIC)

"I received a sample of ExpressoKleen & used it yesterday. I can’t believe it…it actually worked! Quite often products don’t measure up to their claims but I was pleasantly surprised this time. I also used ScalexPlus & that did a great job too. My kettle is like new again & so is my washing machine. I was so impressed with your brand that I purchased Cerapol yesterday but I am yet to use it. Thanks again for the samples & rest assured you now have a customer for life. When I need cleaning products I will always look for Hillmark first." (JE, State unknown)

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