Hillmark provides complete care for every cooktop.

Like all other appliances, it is essential that care & attention is taken to maintain the hotplates & cooktop surface of solid element, electric cooktops. When new, a dark grey, protective paint provides surface protection to solid element hotplates, but this in time will wear off, leaving the cooktop vulnerable to damage.

Hillmark’s Solid Element Stove Care Range contains all of the products necessary to clean, condition & protect.

You can trust Hillmark’s Solid Element Care Range because it is the only one, which has been rigorously tested, approved & recommended by all the big names in the appliance business. This includes Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Robinhood, Chef, Westinghouse, Simpson, Maytag, IAG, St George, Omega, Smeg, Scanpan, Euromaid, LG, AEG, Sharp, Blanco, Highland, Baumatic, Linea, Lofra, D’Amani & more.